MtG Play Table Documentation



Right-Click Menu

these menus offer actions that otherwise can only be achieved with hotkeys, or not at all.

theyre grouped by card and zone actions, whereas the former only appear when right-clicking a card.


while some actions can be accessed through right-click menus, there's a number of features that are only accessible through hotkeys. Here's an exhaustive list:

Card Actions

all card actions can be performed by hovering the cursor over the card and then pressing the respective key combination.

Other Actions

Planned Features

this software is in active-ish development and will be updated whenever I find time to do so. the following features are already on my to-do-list:


this software is provided as-is, and always will be free to use and free of any kind of requirement to register, advertisement, or user tracking. server-side logs and statistics are anonymous.

please note that in order to provide card images, card image data is pulled from, who might incorporate user tracking on their end.

if you have suggestions or feature requests (note the planned features list above), bug reports, or general feedback, please let me know! you can get in touch via one of these options: